It will require 20 volunteer coordinators and more than 100 volunteers to offer up 50 hours of prayer with worship over 3 days.

Orientation for the various volunteer roles will be provided prior to the event. This orientation is necessary in order to equip the volunteer to serve successfully and is therefore mandetory.

Here are some areas where you can volunteer to serve the City at Fire on the Altar.

Fire on the Altar Greeter
As a Greeter you will welcome Fire On The Altar guests at the entrance with a smile and helpful information about the event and layout of the venue.

Greeter sign up click here

Fire on the Altar Section Leader
Fire on the Altar Section Leaders serve to provide oversite to the venue and help maintain an atmosphere of worship in the room. This volunteer postion also assists the Prayer/Worship teams during their time of service.

Section Leader sign up click here

Fire on the Altar Stage Tech
This important role insures that the transition of the musicians on and off the stage between each set is smooth and non-distracting. The Stage Tech serves the teams on the platform by ensuring each musician has what they need to keep the prayer and worship going without interruption.

Stage Tech sign up click here

Fire on the Altar Sound Tech
This volunteer position requires some level of experience in the area of Sound Engineering. The Sound Tech will typically be someone who is currenlty responsible for running sound for a church or ministry or is employed in the music industry as an audio engineer. The Sound Tech is responsible for overseeing the sound booth, working with the Stage Techs to resolve technical issues or needs, and to ensure the overall sound quality of the room during their time of service.

Sound Tech sign up click here

Fire on the Altar Hospitality Volunteer
Do you have the gift of hospitality or want to help out at Fire on the Altar but don't have a lot of time to volunteer? Sign up to help out on our hospitality team. A description of the needs and jobs are on the sign up page.

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Then after signing up as a volunteer click here to register for the required

FOTA Orientation

Registration for FOTA2019 Orientaion Sessions open now!